Magical Tourist Places in the World


For the first time seeing unique tourist attractions from various countries around the world we might not believe it and consider it just an edits of photoshop. In fact, all of these places are real and true. It is truly amazing, it’s almost difficult for us to believe it. The phenomenon of their beauty is formed on earth naturally with a time process that may have been for centuries.

Want to know what the appearance of 5 magical tourist attractions in the world and not Photoshop edits, including in Indonesia. More details, refer to the following.

Luminous Beach of Puerto Rico, Bioluminenescent Bay

The sparkling blue light on the sea water on the coast of Puerto Rico, this Bioluminenescent Bay makes us feel like living in an imaginary country. How amazing, when we swim, the sparkle of light is as if entering and enveloping our body.

In an instant, our body becomes bling-bling, or shines, illuminating the darkness of the night.

Now the origin of why this beach can emit blue light is not the result of pollution of waste or made intentionally by humans. Apparently, the sparkle comes from millions of microorganisms that live on the sea floor to the shoreline. And when night falls they will illuminate themselves.

Mountain in Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park

Strange and unique when looking at the color formation of rocks on Mount / Bukit Pelangi, if you look at it, it looks really like a layer cake or a golden stone. Located near the city of Zhangye in the northwestern part of Gansu Province with an area of ​​510 km2.

It is said that the beauty of the rainbow colors on these mountain rocks is formed from sandstone deposits which mix with other minerals for 24 million years. So, don’t think that the mountain rainbow photo above is just a photoshop edit.

Yellowstone Hot Springs in Wyoming USA

No less with other countries, America, the land of uncle sam also has a magical tourist spot in the world that is truly amazing. Named the Grand Prismatic Spring and claimed to be the largest hot spring in the world.

Indeed, we cannot enjoy tourist attractions directly because the Grand Prismatic Spring is not a hot spring, we can only see from a distance. Yes, if you want to die, go silly, please, anyway.

When viewed from the aerial view, the shape of the Grand Prismatic Spring is exactly like a giant eye that has blue, green and red mixed colors that symbolize flames.

Door To Hell, Gate of the Hell of the World

if you’re curious to know what a picture of hell is like, you can make Door To Heel a recommendation for a weekend getaway.

Located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. This place was once a place for mining natural gas and has been burning for more than 40 years. And don’t ever think why the flame from this hole never stops going out.

Because, precisely the flames in the magma hole are the greater the area from year to year.

The Most Romantic Love Tunnel in Ukraine (Tunnel of Love)

For those of you who are married and confused looking for a romantic place to go on a honeymoon. Perhaps the Tunnel of Love, a love tunnel from this railroad track can be made a recommendation. It has a length of 3 km and this tunnel is not a former railroad track, but is really still active today and is passed by the train.

But don’t worry, the train that passes is just a wooden carriage. Which only passes 3 days once and of course the tourists who visit will be notified in advance of the schedule. If you have the intention to honeymoon in this place, be sure to visit during spring and summer.

Because in that month, the leaves of the trees that covered the tunnel were dense, aka entering the peak period of growth. Can you imagine not how romantic the atmosphere in Tunnel of Love is?

And the average visitor who travels best destination in the world to this place is a couple who is on a honeymoon or still dating. It is said that according to legend, whoever comes to this tunnel, their love relationship will continue until death separates and whatever their wishes will be granted.